Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Think. Don't Pretend

Picture this: Rainy day, Of course that means you're no where else but home. Sitting next to the window looking outside, enjoying/cursing the weather (depending on your extent of love towards the rain)

More occasions than naught, you sit & think. About the rain, thinking about your loved one and how you miss him/her so much at this time, thinking about old times, thinking about how you would rather be at work than sitting here [ ok this thought comes to < 1% of the overall population, I think :) ].

Now imagine you sitting in a room, 3 (maybe more, if you're unfortunate) people sitting opposite you asking you questions that come to you like grenades. You want to give your best answer to their question(s) (given that you know the answer they are looking for btw, what are the chances of that happening?) You Of course know the answer to AT LEAST a part of the question that anyone in the world asks you, but, since this is an interview, you HAVE to know more than that. What do you do now? Obviously start thinking, or at least pretend that you're thinking like a very very smart guy, Just don't sit there with a blank face. Right?

The reason for me to bring these two scenes in front of you (hopefully you could picture both the scenes, if you didn't, you need to wake up and read again, yup from the start) is to gather these two natural processes which most of us have been a part of. From these two situations, recognize which scene best brings out your thoughts, and the way you answer questions.

Ok, So, if you want to spoil my blog, you will say an interview brings out the best of the best in you. Well, I think otherwise. The first scene, where you are sitting next to the window in your house brings out the very best in your thought factory, that too, naturally. Why?

- You're thinking freely
- You end up thinking about a lot more things, that you might not think about in an interview (ok some of things might be useless too, but still, more is better right?)
- There is less distraction (ideally, unless you have all the iMachines sitting next to you)
and a whole lot more which I can't think of right now, .. cause it just stopped raining here :(

So, now to make things exciting (or confusing) let's mix both the scenarios to see if we can cook up something that would work perfectly or near perfectly for an intense situation.

You have a 1:1 interview lined up tomorrow at the company of your dreams (or close to that mark) and you want the job too. You would ideally want to present your strongest during the interview.

At the interview, you will start getting those unwanted grenades flying towards you to give you one tight hug.
This is the time where you can either pretend that you are thinking, show a straight clueless face (which mostly won't help your cause), or sit back relax (have confidence in yourself) & THINK the best way you can.

Take a moment here, and take yourself (imaginary) next to the window. Keep the question you have been asked in your mind of course and start thinking about it visualizing the rain outside the window. How well do you think at this point. I would want to say you would perform a lot better this way rather than pressurizing yourself with the thought that your answer has to be the best of the best of the best of you.

Yes of course, be to the point and answer only to what you're asked, but it would greatly help your situation if that answer is given with full confidence & a real THOUGHT process behind the answer you present.

Can this be implemented though? Yes it can be. and to some (if not more) success too. If practice makes a (wo)man perfect, It's all about you being comfortable basically. A stutter doesn't rank higher over confidence, it never will, if you ask me.

Your thoughts?


JayaBidkar said...

omg.. shahssshh is that not during our trip? did not know u blogged :)

Shashank Maniar said...

That is correct. Thought it would be apt for this environment. :)